Why do we exist?

To manage regional collaborations between business, government, education and community leaders that will ultimately make the Midlands more competitive and prosperous. Our initiatives are the best way to understand why we’re here.


What do we do?

We provide unique expertise and staff capacity for the region around four key service areas:

Regional Collaboration Management
Management of large scale regional collaborations that involve multiple partners from different industries, sectors, backgrounds, etc. and are generally focused on solving a systemic regional challenge.

Project Management
Discrete projects with a clear beginning and end that stem from the needs of our partners around the region. By providing access to our team of project managers, partners are able to generate additional staff capacity and accomplish their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Regional Marketing, Research and Analysis
Development of impactful tools for for the Midlands that help track and analyze our progress as a region, celebrate regional successes, underscore opportunities for improvement and catalyze conversation around where and how we should focus our time and resources.

New Cluster Activation
Working with public, private and education partners to monitor, create and manage budding industry clusters that could play a significant role in the economic competitiveness of the Midlands.

Right now, we’re working on a number of initiatives that fall into at least one of these areas.

How do we do it?

Simply put, we are dot connectors at EngenuitySC. We use a results-driven process to connect stakeholders, create a vision, establish a plan and deliver. And we create high energy experiences that people want to be a part of.

Two of our most visible projects are Ignite! and the Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, both examples of how we bring different groups together around the common goal of making the Midlands more prosperous and celebrating our community.

What distinguishes EngenuitySC?

  • We are a leading nonprofit organization with an exclusive focus on regional competitiveness and prosperity;
  • We are strong collaborators willing to work behind the scenes on hard issues that matter for the Midlands;
  • We are innovative process makers, always looking to use technology, data, social media or digital tools in a thoughtful way, and;
  • We aren’t focused on traditional economic development and recruitment – we are focused on creating the environment where others want to live, work, play and visit.

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